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  G0ood afternoon drivers. Hope y'all are doing well and staying safe. As you all know we have started our 4th season and are 2 races in. I want to apologize for being so far behind on the website. I'm not a computer type person, the guy that was updating the site left without warning. So this puppy is mine. Please bare with me as I try to keep it up to date.
   Our season opener at Road America was Bryant Wards debut and he made the most of it by winning the pole and winning the race. Congratulation to you Bryant. Great job.
   The 2nd race of this young season was at Myrtle Beach where Ryan Lang returned the favor. By winning both the pole and the race. Great job Ryan.
   Our next event will take place at Texas Motor Speedway. We will run our race on the new track and not the legacy track.  We have several new members so if you see them in a room say hello and welcome them to our league. 
   Again, I'll try and do a better job at keeping the web site up to date. And I'll see y'all on track.                                                       Doc


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