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   Good afternoon drivers. Hope y'all are doing well and keeping out of trouble.
   I have several things to go over with y'all, but I'll split it up over a couple days so this won't turn into a book.
   First thing is our new time for our league races. We will, starting season5, open our race servers at 8:30pm eastern time. We will also only have a 30 minute practice prior to qualifying starting. This should put our races finishing a lot earlier. Our week end sessions will continue to have an hour of practice.
   The second thing is team rosters. At the moment we have 4 teams that have messaged me with their team names and a list of the drivers who are on them. You do still have about 12 days before the deadline to get them to me.( April 23rd )  I would ask y'all to make your decisions and message the info to me. Please don't wait till the last minute.
   The third thing in this updates this. As you all know this is a free to run league. I am however gonna offer anyone who would like to, the opportunity to help sponsor one or more of our 3 championships next season. For the team or our qualifying championship the cost will be 50.00. The drivers championship will be 100.00. Or you could sponsor the whole season and all championships for 200.00. For that you will get naming rights for that championship, input on how the points will tallied. This is just an offer and is in  no way required.
   That is all for today. I will be posting more updates as we get closer to our start of season5. See y'all on track.
    Good afternoon drivers, hope y'all are taking advantage of our off season, I know I am.
  I have looked over this past season and jotted down a few facts that I thought y'all may find interesting.
  Over our 12 week season we had a total of 18 cautions
  979 was the total number of laps we ran
  1291.32 was the total miles we ran
  8 was total number of drivers who captured the pole in qualifying
        4 drivers were tied with 2 pole positions
                         Bryant Ward-2
                         Austin Ward-2
                         Chris Stewart-2
                         Kevin Freis-2
  4 was the total number of different drivers to visit victory lane.
                        Bryant Ward-4
                        Ryan Lange-4
                        Jerry Glenn-2
                        Chris Stewart-2
   I thought these were pretty cool. Just wanted to pass them along to y'all.
  If you haven't given me your team name and roster by now just a heads up, I will want all of them by April 23rd. This should give everyone plenty of time to get their teams organized as far as who is on who's team.
  This week end I will be hosting practice/race sessions for next weeks official events. I think that is Chicagoland. The sessions will launch at 9pm eastern with 1 hour practice followed by a short race. I hope y'all can make it out and run with us.
  As I stated (several times) before season 4 ended, I have removed all inactive members who did not message me and tell me there intentions concerning next season in the Contender Series. I hope that all those who have been removed good luck in their racing going forward. Anyone who would like to register a new number can look at our iracing league page and PM me with that request.
  I hope to be back on track this weekend with our normal Saturday and Sunday night races. I hope that y'all can make it out and run with us.
  I would appreciate if the team owners would PM me with their team name and driver list as soon as they can. So I can get them entered on our website. Remember 3 drivers per team, one of which will be the team owner/captain. The sooner I can get those list the quicker I can move forward with the setup for next season.
  I won't bother y'all anymore today, but you can expect to be recieving messages from me fairly steady over the next few weeks
  Good morning drivers. Hope you are all doing well. Our season 4 is over and what a season we had.
  Last night we did battle on the Bristol Motor Speedway Dirt config. I myself had been dreading it for 3 months, But it was all for nothing as our drivers once again showed their ability to deal with less than ideal conditions and make me proud of them all again.
  In qualifying it would be the 49 of Chris Stewart who would claim the top spot with a time of 18.358. Good job on taking the pole Chris. Points leader Bryant Ward would put his #40 Toyota in the 5th spot in the qualifying session with a time of 18.850. While 2nd in points Ryan Lange would have issues in the session and only managed a time of 25.744 which would have him starting shotgun on the field.
  When the rag dropped Stewart would take off like a cannon. Stewart set a blistering pace in the first half of the race and lapped all the way to the 3rd position before a pit stop would take him out of the top spot. Stewart also set the fastest time of the race with a lap time of 17.182. That dude was on rails. He lead 61 of the 100 laps we ran. Great performance.
  But in the end it would be the #98 of Jerry Glenn who would take the checkered flag after leading the other 39 laps. Awesome job Jerry. James Babb would bring his #44 home in the P-2 position and Chris Stewart was able to get back to P-3 to round out our top 3.
  A big Congratulations goes out to Bryant Ward who after a disappointing finish at Atlanta was able to come away as our Season 4 Champion. Great job Bryant and all the guys at Devil Dog Racing. You earned it, well done.
  A couple things stand out in my mind from our race at Bristol. I guess the most impressive thing to me would be that we ran 100 laps around that place and only had 2 cautions periods for a total of 10 laps. And both of those were single truck spins. Just proves what I have said all along. " We may not be the best. But we are right there with them I don't care who they are." Another thing would be that no matter how good you may think you are, it is always someone better. Try and always stay humble, cause if you don't you can be bought back to reality.
  This season is over and now we'll start working on getting things in place for next season. We will take a little time off while I am working on getting the Champ his trophy. Please bare with me as this will take a little time. I will start to move ahead with changes starting on Monday. 
  Y'all have a great weekend and I'll see ya on track.
Race number 11 is in the books. And at the beginning of this season, if I had written how the end of the season would be I couldn't have written a better script. ( Well, maybe if I'd scripted it I'd be closer to the front)  It is way more than I expected. And it is because of the drivers we have here.
   At the end of qualifying, it was the #49 chevy of Chris Stewart who took the top spot with a time of 30.460. It would be It would be the number 98 of Jerry Glenn who put his Ford on the outside of the front row. Great job up front.
   When the rag dropped it would be Stewart who took the early lead and would hold it til the caution flag flew on lap 10 when contact occurred between Stewart and points leader Bryant Ward. Sending Ward hard into the outside wall, which would end Wards night very early. On the restart it would be Ryan Lange who would jump out front only to be reeled in by our own Doc Stout who held the top spot til the pit stops. Following the pit stops it would again be Ryan Lang who prevailed and retook the lead and would never look back. 
   When the checkers waved it would be Lange who would take the win and in doing so made the points battle a close affair again. Stout was able to hold on to P-2 for his season best finish. He also managed to be the only driver who broke into the 30 second range during the race. Chris Stewart raced his way back to P-3 to round out our top 3.
   Our last race of the season will be at Bristol on the dirt. I'm sure it will be very entertaining as well as highly contested. We will crown a season Champion next week. 
   We will be hosting practice/race events on Saturday and Sunday nights as normal. Our servers will launch as normal at about 9pm eastern. I hope y'all can make it out and play in the dirt with us. In the mean time I'll see you on track.
It's race day again with the Contender Series. Tonight we will do battle on the 1.5 mile tri-oval in Hampton, Ga. that is the Atlanta Motor Speedway.
   With the new build and the patch, I don't have to tell anyone that the handling on the trucks aint what it was. So be mindful of that as you race.
   I also want to wish everyone good luck tonight as always. Be respectful and race others the way you want to be raced. I'm sure you all will.
Good afternoon guys. Hope y'all are doing well. I have a couple things I'd like to let y'all know about for next season.
   The first is that starting next season we(Vspeed Contender Series) will go to a team format. What exactly that means is that starting next season all drivers will be on a team. Just like in "real life" your team may just be a solo effort. A "privateer" if you like. If however you would like to. a team will be allowed to have up to 3 drivers per team. I know that most if not all of our drivers have friends who they race with. That could be your team. If on the other hand you are truly a loner then you can run by yourself. I would suggest everyone to work out an alliance with other drivers in the league so you all can work toward a common goal. If you already have a team but you're the only one in the league, then try to get them to join the league too. I don't think you'll have any trouble in teaming up with other drivers here. Just ask, the worst that could happen is they may decline, in which case you are exactly where you started. Each team will consist of an owner/captain and his drivers. I'll need the team name and the drivers who will race with you before the start of next season. The team owner can PM me with that info when you have it. At the moment we have 2 teams listed for sure, and a 3rd possibly I'll know more about that team later.
  The second thing is that starting next season we will operate on race day using the iracing sporting code during race events. iracing will handle race procedure such as black flags, ect. Our race procedure will be used to augment the sporting code as needed. Any on track issues will be reviewed post race in order to be more fair in making calls. I have found out this season that I can not give a fair evaluation of an incident while I'm in the truck driving. I can't look at replays and such. I have on several occasions this season made a call only to find out after the race that it was the wrong call. That's not fair to you guys. By doing this I think that any issue that needs a review can be looked at more completely and should result in a more fair decision. You guys deserve that. Our current policy of being in our TS, and limited chat in game and NO profanity will still be followed. More on just how all this will work will come later. I'm just wanting to let y'all know the direction we are going in.
  And 3rd is that if you are a current league member and you haven't raced with us this season or longer you will be removed from the league at the completion of our current season. I have been contacted by several drivers who have let me know why they haven't been able to run this season. I want to thank them for that and I look forward to seeing y'all beck racing very soon. This roster reduction will not include those people. If however you haven't notified me as to why you've been unable to race and you don't do so by the end of season 4 (2 races left) you will be removed period. I am not doing this to make any one mad. I'm simply trying to get rid of the drivers who don't want to race. I wish that all of our members would race with us, but they have shown that they won't, heck most of them won't even reply to a message or question when ask. If you fall into those drivers affected by this and do not plan to race, then you could save me some time and remove yourself. But that hasn't proved to be true either so I'll take care of that following season4.
   Next season we will also have 3 different championships. The driver championship, the team championship and a qualifying championship. The exact guidelines are still in the works for the last 2, but I am excited about the future at the Contender Series. I know that some will be happy to know that starting with season5 we will no longer have mandatory qualifying. But because of the Qualifying Championship I think that you will probably wanna try and get a piece of that pie. Maybe not, it will be up to the driver.
   This turned into a book and I apologize for that. I hope that y'all have a great day and I'll se ya on track. More to come in  the coming weeks so stay tuned.


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